What does “ski rental delivery” actually mean?

Black Tie Ski Rentals is a full service mobile ski and snowboard shop. After taking your reservation we hand select all of your equipment and deliver and fit it to you at your place of lodging in Crested Butte at a time that is convenient to you.

How do I make a reservation?

There are 3 easy ways to make a ski rental reservation with Black Tie:

  1. Online – where our state-of-the-art reservation system is both easy to use and secure.
  2. Call our Crested Butte location directly and let one of our professional staff walk you through the process.
  3. Email – you can call or email us and we will send you the form. Just fill it out and fax it back.

What hours are you open?

For your added convenience we are open early (7:30am) and close late (10:30pm) seven days a week during the ski season. We understand that traveling to Crested Butte can be difficult and unpredictable. If you are experiencing delays or need to make special arrangements please call the Crested Butte office and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Where are you located?

Because we are a 100% delivery service we are every where you are. We bring a full service ski and snowboard shop to you in Crested Butte. Check out our locations page for a full listing of the branches and resorts we service.

Do I have to pay for delivery?

No, the delivery, custom fitting, and outstanding customer service are free!

How do you select my equipment?

Our state of the art reservation system and our professionally trained ski rental technicians use the information you provide to select the best possible equipment to suit your needs. If by chance the boot or ski is not suitable, we carry a full back stock in our vans that are parked right outside.

What if I have a problem with my equipment?

In the rare event that something happens with your equipment we are just a phone call away. Our rental techs will be at the ski base area or back at your accommodation waiting for you with a replacement. That is our Slope Side Guarantee!

Do you accept tips?

Yes. Although staff is paid an hourly wage, tips are always appreciated to reflect an exceptional job on the part of your ski rental delivery rental technician.

What packages do you carry?

At Black Tie we carry equipment for all levels of skiers and riders. For more information check out our ski packages and snowboard packages.

Individually owned and operated?

To make sure each and every guest receives the highest levels of service and personal attention, all of Black Tie Ski Rentals locations are locally owned and operated. Chances are, the owner is the one fitting your boots!

Do you rent helmets?

Yes, we rent Giro and K2 helmets for all ages and sizes. They are safe, warm, and stylish and you can request them when making your reservation.

What does the Damage Waiver cover?

The optional damage waiver covers damage to equipment caused by normal wear and tear incurred while skiing. It does NOT cover damage due to NEGLIGENCE, THEFT, OR LOSS. If you are skiing on our premium/performance package we strongly recommend selecting the damage waiver. Examples of negligence: melting your boots in front of a heating element; skiing on areas not properly covered with snow; skiing out of bounds.

How many people do I need for a group?

Traditionally, groups consists of at least 20 people and you should contact the Crested Butte office directly to discuss any group discounts that may be applicable.

Will I get a refund if I want to take a day off in the middle of my trip?

Renting skis is like renting a car, even if you have the skis for 5 days and you only use them for 4 you still need pay for the entire time you have your equipment.

What If I have my own boots?

If you have your own ski or snowboard boots you can deduct $10 per day from the cost of your package. Please specify when making your reservation that you have your own boots and select a “ski only” package.

Do you tune your equipment?

All Black Tie Ski Rentals locations utilize the latest in tuning technologies to maintain our equipment. We are committed to tuning each piece of equipment as it returns to suit the prevailing conditions.

Do you own all of your ski and snowboard rental equipment?

Yes. We own all of our equipment.

Is skiing or snowboarding dangerous?

There is always a danger of injury when playing sports. However, if you ski on terrain that compliments your abilities and adhere to some basic safety measures (know the code campaign), skiing can be fun and rewarding. All of our ski equipment is tested to ensure release settings are operating within range.

I haven’t skied in years. Is equipment different now?

Just like golf equipment, ski equipment has changed greatly over the years. New technology, materials, and concepts have made skiing easier and more fun than ever before. Traditional skis were straight. In order to make a turn, you would have to “load up” the ski and force it to bend. With shaped skis (wide in the tip, narrow in the waist, and wide in the tail), turning is much easier. Plus, there’s no need for really long skis anymore!

What are rockered skis?

Rockered, or “early rise”, skis have a lifted shovel in the tip. This prevents the tip of the ski from diving or catching in the snow, allowing for smoother turns and proper flotation in the deepest snow.

Are lockers available for rent?

Yes. Black Tie Ski Rentals is pleased to offer our guests and locals a new option for ski and snowboard storage space in the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area.